Fairy Tales Affect on Us


I came across this article as I was doing research for my Research Essay. This article basically talks about how fairy tales have an impact on us. This article talks about the journey the hero takes in the fairy tale and how we can relate in the story. The author says how we as readers are able to relate to the hero, and how we face similar problems as the hero does. This article also talks about the negative aspects of fairy tales, such as the negative influence it has on girls. Fairy tales teach girls self image is the most important quality according to the article. There are definitely some parts of this article that I agree with, and some parts that I plan on using for my Research Essay.

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Hansel and Gretel Presentation

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Final Topic?


After a lot of revision to my Research Proposal I think I finally came up with a research topic that I like. My Research Essay will be talking about Hansel and Gretel’s independence. Throughout the story there are several instances where we as the readers can see both Hansel and Gretel displaying their independence. In my Research Essay I will also be talking about how Hansel and Gretel’s independence plays a role in child development.

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Different adaptation, different meaning?


I found this link as I was browsing around looking for different adaptations to the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. I found that not all adaptations necessarily talked about the same thing even though it is an adaptation. The link above talks about three different adaptation to the fairy tale, all of which a bit different from each other. But although all of the three adaptations were different from each other all taught the same moral. All three adaptations talked about surviving on one’s own in a very dangerous world. Grimm’s version being the most popular of the three adaptations was also the most child-friendly version as well.

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Why Fairy Tales Stick


As I was doing research I came across this book which I found interesting and useful. This book talks about how and why fairy tales are becoming such an important genre. The author, Jack ZIpes, talks about different qualities he feel a fairy tale must have in order for it to maintain its effect on readers. I definitely plan to use this source in my Research Essay. I feel this book will give me a better understanding as to why certain fairy tales have such a powerful effect on its readers.

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Different Hansel and Gretel Adaptations


I was browsing around and I found this site. For my research essay I was going to talk about Hansel and Gretel and how its storyline has a strong effect on child development. I stumbled upon this site and found out that there are about 11 different movie adaptations to this fairy tale. I watched a couple of them, most of them for the first time. It was interesting to see how with different adaptations come changed storylines.

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New Research Topic?

After getting back my revisions, I realized my topic was too broad. I had to narrow down my topic a bit. My original topic was to discuss why fairy tales are effective and what makes some fairy tales more effective than others. After some thinking, I have decided that I will only focus on the effects fairy tales have on children. I will be talking about if fairy tales play a role in the psychological aspect of development and if there are any other ways fairy tales effect children.

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