Technology changes fairy tales

I found this article rather amusing. This article talked about what would happen if fairy tales had technology. This link talked about top 10 renditions of how technology changed fairy tales. The top one and also my favorite rendition was the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. In this rendition the goats had Twitter, Diggit and Facebook and because they had these social networking sites they were able to warn the others about the troll. As a result none of them get eaten. Although in my opinion it basically ruins the whole story I still found it rather amusing. Even though technology ruins fairy tales of the past I believe new fairy tales are able to be made with new lessons to be taught.

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2 Responses to Technology changes fairy tales

  1. natalieleska says:

    I really like this because I think technology can have a huge impact on a fairy tale. I feel that it would ruin the story even if the new version was incredible. This could change your whole view on a fairy tale for the worst.

  2. saracheang says:

    This concept is so interesting especially since many movies today have put a new modern twist on traditional fairy tales. Our old favorite fairy tales would be so much more different if they were rewritten in today’s golden’s age of technology.

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