Fairy Tales Affect on Us


I came across this article as I was doing research for my Research Essay. This article basically talks about how fairy tales have an impact on us. This article talks about the journey the hero takes in the fairy tale and how we can relate in the story. The author says how we as readers are able to relate to the hero, and how we face similar problems as the hero does. This article also talks about the negative aspects of fairy tales, such as the negative influence it has on girls. Fairy tales teach girls self image is the most important quality according to the article. There are definitely some parts of this article that I agree with, and some parts that I plan on using for my Research Essay.

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One Response to Fairy Tales Affect on Us

  1. lilydeng says:

    I agree, these heroes in fairy tales can be someone that a child looks up to and would impact the child’s development. I’m pretty sure children would be inspired to do the same things as the hero.

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