My Research Idea

My idea for my Research Topic is still somewhat unclear but I plan on writing about the lasting influence of fairy tales. I plan on talking about what makes us remember fairy tales for such a long period of time. I also thought about talking about why fairy tales as a genre is so important for our culture. I plan on talking about different types of fairy tales, as for which ones I am not sure yet.

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Technology changes fairy tales

I found this article rather amusing. This article talked about what would happen if fairy tales had technology. This link talked about top 10 renditions of how technology changed fairy tales. The top one and also my favorite rendition was the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. In this rendition the goats had Twitter, Diggit and Facebook and because they had these social networking sites they were able to warn the others about the troll. As a result none of them get eaten. Although in my opinion it basically ruins the whole story I still found it rather amusing. Even though technology ruins fairy tales of the past I believe new fairy tales are able to be made with new lessons to be taught.

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Do adaptations ruin the original?

I was thinking of a folktale to use for my research project and one folktale I heard a lot when I was a kid was the story of the Three Little Pigs. In that story, the morale of the story was work hard and don’t slack off. In this modern day adaptation of the Three Little Pigs I couldn’t really find the morale of the story. It was completely different from the original version and it was not teaching kids a lesson. The only similarity between the two stories is that both had a big bad wolf and both had three little pigs. I believe in order for a story to be considered an adaptation that story must at least retain the morale from the original story.

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Fairy tales in the face of technology

In today’s technology anything can be made possible. Childhood fairy tales are able to be made alive through the use of technology. Stories such as Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast involving magic are made visible now. Before all the technology stories could only come alive through the use of imagination. With technology older people are able to relive their childhood through new movies recreating fairy tales from before. Like the title in the article says, “fairy tales thrive in the face of technology”.

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Do Fairy Tales work?

When I did my homework regarding finding a fairy tale for class I immediately thought of a couple I could use. One of them being The Boy Who Cried Wolf? But why was it so easy for me to think of one so easily? It was because the lesson was so valuable: don’t tell lies or people won’t believe you when you tell the truth. I also feel that the more bizarre the story the easier it is to remember. I was told the story about the boy who cried wolf when I was really young. I remember hearing it and being frightened that no one would help me if a wolf were to attack me because I was a liar.

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